Fun and Affordable Easter Celebration Ideas

Fun and Affordable Easter Celebration Ideas

With Easter right around the corner, you are probably already planning ahead to ensure your celebration goes perfectly. Knowing what you need is great, but affordability can be an issue for some military families. There are plenty of ways you can throw an event without breaking the bank, but careful budgeting is necessary.

Making food more affordable

Whatever you decide to eat on your holiday, you can serve dishes without spending too much money. This may not seem possible, but some useful methods will help ensure there’s no shortage of treats for you and your guests.

  • Stagger your spending – If you plan to foot the bill for a holiday, don’t buy everything the day before the holiday. Take time to purchase items well in advance, so you can better afford these things. Remember, many foods can be frozen and still enjoyed.
  • Encourage visitors to bring food – Having your guests bring even a small dish can make the situation easier for you. Requesting guests to bring an appetizer or dessert tends to be the simplest option.

Fun Easter activities without breaking the bank

If you want to give your children or other relatives a little bit of extra joy and fun on Easter, there are certainly affordable ways to do it. These don’t have to be big (remember, it isn’t Christmas), but a little item here or there can be fun.

  • Buy candy – Chocolate treats are always on sale around Easter, and you can usually buy a large amount without spending too much money.
  • Make Easter baskets – These can be a great presentation for kids to get their gifts, and baskets, fake grass and anything else you want to add to it is not usually too pricey.
  • Have an egg hunt – This can be fun for the little kids, as they can search around your home or yard for Easter eggs. Putting a little treat in each egg can be a cost-effective way for them to get a lot out of the holiday.